Peut mieux faire - Cahiers d'excercices

Excercise Book, 2009

The Great, Beautiful and Ugly Country, installation detail Galerie Atelier Punkt Montreal, 2009

Zu ist nie 29.09.2009

Card, multiple, collaboration with Siggi Hofer and Benjamin Hirte

The Green Monster

The Green Monster, installation view St├Ądtische Galerie Ostfildern, 2008

The Green Monster, collage 45cm x 32cm, 2008

575m2 / Structure

Untitled (575m2), poster edition of 1233, DIN A1, St├Ądtische Galerie Ostfildern, 2008

Inside The Park/Out Of The Park

Untitled, collage, 2008

Multipurpose Ballpark Modell

Multipurpose Ballpark Modell, installation view Kunststiftung BW Stuttgart, 2008

Attempt Of An Allegorical Closure

Working Bench (Attempt of an allegorical closure), detail, 2008

View From A Hill

View From A Hill, installation view Kunststiftung BW Stuttgart, 2008

The Called Shot

The Called Shot, installation views (room 1+2) Galerie 5020 Salzburg, 2006

The Quality Of Simplicity

Mickey Mantle, 2006
commissioned woodcut by Roland Rauschmeier

The Quality of Simplicity (4 home runs by Mickey Mantle between 1953-1960), 2006

RaumAustausch 2005

Wheelbarrow, 2005

Siphon, 2005

The Accident I + II

The Accident II, installation view University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2004

The Accident, installation views (front and back) VAV Gallery Montreal, 2002